Caliber:  6.5 Grendel

Barrel:  24" ,1-9" twist, Alexander Arms, Bead Blast, Med-weight barrel

Muzzle:  AR-Stoner Talon Flash Hider

Handguard:  Troy VTec 15" Free Float

Upper:  DPMS

Lower:  Aero Precision X15 Multi-Cal with KNS 2nd Gen Pins

Bolt:  Alexander Arms IonBond coated

Charging handle: Badger Tactical

Trigger:  Geissle Hi-Speed Match 2-stage

Trigger Guard:  Magpul MOE block

Stock:  Magpul PRS black

Grip:  Ergo with palm black

Sight:  Optional

Magazine:  One 10 rounds

Magazine release:  Bullet Button

Accuracy:  3/4" MOA or better

Price:  Please email us

Note:  Just full lower is also available

Above pictures may show with Options

6.5mm Grendel

This long range and light weight target rifle can send 123gr of .264 bullet around 1000 yards in super sonic.  Adjustable cheek rest and length of pull for your optional hi-power scope

Engineering Accuracy and Reliability