I have been building rifles since 1994.  I’m a lefty, and it’s hard to find accurate rifles that are affordable.  So I started building on my own.  I have Aerospace Engineering and Criminal law backgrounds.  Both domains helped me improved in marksmanship.  I started with best barrel maker, custom left handed bolt action receiver, trigger, and stock.  My first rifle was more accurate than what I expected, It shot .375” MOA with 5 rounds.  I went on building more lefty bolt actions with different calibers to match the distance I wanted to shoot.  When I built my first AR-10 with 260 Remington, the accuracy amazed me.  The old rule about "less moving parts is more accurate" went out the window.  The 260 Rem was able to shoot .4 MOA with 5 rounds and stay supersonic to 1400 yards and it’s cheaper to build AR-10 than equivalent caliber of bolt action rifle.  It has less recoil and faster follow up shots.  You can see where your bullet impact due to the barrel is in-line with the stock.  I started building ARs for friends and family.  I only use the best parts on the market to improve the accuracy.  You will find my AR with tightest fit that is allowed to field strip.  All rifles I build will be tested for accuracy.  If it’s not accurate to my spec, it will get rebuilt until it matches to my spec.  I only use factory loads to test the accuracy.  We take pride in our workmanship and we only use parts that are made in USA.


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