Engineering Accuracy and Reliability

Caliber:  7.62x39mm AK
Barrel:  16" ,1-10" twist, Stainless Med-weight
Muzzle:  Mil-Spec A2
Handguard:  Troy VTec 15" Free Float (tan)
Upper:  DPMS
Lower:  Griffin Precision Aris Multi-Cal
Bolt:  DPMS
Charging handle: Standard Mil-Spec
Trigger:  Rock River 2-stage match Varmint (1stage 2lb 2oz; 2nd stage 1lb 7oz)
Trigger Guard:  Magpul MOE block
Stock:  Magpul ACS-L 6 poisition (Tan)
Grip:  Magpul MOE Plus (Tan)
Sight:  Troy Micro Flip sights (Tan)
Magazine:  One 10rd 7.6x39 mag
Magazine release:  Bullet Button

Come with small case

Accuracy:  1" MOA or better with surplus ammo
Price Complete Rifle:  Please email us