CMMG 308

.JP modular handguard allows optional picatinny rails attachment at different location.

Engineering Accuracy and Reliability

Caliber:  7.62x51mm

Barrel:  18" 1-10" twist, DPMS SASS fluted heavy barrel

Muzzle:  Mil-Spec A2 flash supressor

Upper:  DPMS 308

Lower:  CMMG

Trigger:  CMMG single Stage

Stock:  Magpul ACS Black 6 positions Black

Handguard: JP Enterprises 15.5" Modular Hand Guard System with optional upper rail, Dark Gray Duracoat

Grip:  Magpul MOE Plus Blck

Sights:  Optional

Magazine:  1 Magpul 10/20 rd

Magazine Release:  Bullet button

Accuracy:  1 MOA

Price:  Please email us

Note:  Just lower is also available ​