CQB Operator

Engineering Accuracy and Reliability

Short and light weight 16" barrel combine with collapsible stock is ideal for quick target acquisition in dense wooded or close quarter area.  15" handguard allows optional flip sights or picatinny fix sights to have longer sight radius than normal rifle length sights.

Caliber:  5.56x45mm
Barrel:  16" ,1-9" twist, AR-Stoner NATO M4 contour Chrome Moly Phosphate
Muzzle:  Mil-Spec A2 Flash hider
Handguard:  Troy VTec 15" Free Float
Upper:  DPMS
Lower:  Aero Precision X15 Multi-Cal 
Bolt:  Standard Mil-Spec
Charging handle:  Mil-Spec
Trigger:  Stag single stage
Trigger Guard:  Magpul MOE block
Stock:  RockRiver 6 positons Operator CAR  black
Grip:  Mil-Spec A2 black
Sight:  Optional
Magazine:  One 10 rounds
Magazine release:  Prince 50
Price:  Please email us
Note:  Just full upper or full lower are also available