Precision Varmint Hunter

Engineering Accuracy and Reliability

Some pictures on top are shown with options
Description:  Using Lilja's med-weight match 20" match barrel with collapsible stock, this allows quick target acquisition, good
projectile velocity, and proper scope eye relief.  JP modular hand guard allows optional picatinny rails attachment at different location.

  • Caliber:  .223 Wylde
  • Barrel:  20" ,1-8" twist, Lilja's AR740, .975" dia at Wasp section, .750" to the muzzle, med-weight match barrel.
  • Handguard:  JP Enterprises 15.5" Modular Hand Guard System, black
  • Upper:  White Oak
  • Lower:  JP Enterprises Forged JP-15
  • Bolt:  Mil-Spec
  • Charging handle: Badger Tactical
  • Trigger:  Geissle SSA
  • Trigger Guard:  Magpul MOE block
  • Stock:  Magpul ACS black
  • Grip:  Magpul MOE plus Black
  • Sight:  Optional
  • Magazine:  10 rounds
  • Magazine release:  Bullet button
  • Accuracy:  Better than .75 MOA

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